Sponge Cake

“I’ve been told that my sponge cakes are the best in the family, so it’s always left down to me when we need to whip one up for a birthday (even my own!). It’s a really simple recipe and I find I get the best results doing it in stages & by hand, but you can obviously do it as an all in one or with a machine.

Easy to do, I normally either make a chocolate sponge or a victoria sponge cake (or viccy spunge as my  23 year old brother & his best mate call it).


– 6oz soft margarine
– 6oz caster sugar
– 3 eggs
– 6oz self-raising flour
– 1tsp (level) baking powder
– pinch of salt
– 1tbsp cocoa powder (for chocolate sponge, remove 1tbsp flour)

Butter Icing:
– 6oz icing sugar (sifted)
– 3oz hard margarine (softened)
– 1tbsp milk or water (milk makes for a creamier icing)
– 1tbsp cocoa powder (for chocolate sponge)

– Jam



  1. Line & grease 2 cake tins with baking paper (circles in the bottom of the tin). Preheat the oven to 190°C/Gas Mark 5.
  2. Cream together the margarine & sugar until light & fluffy. Beat in the eggs. Sift in the flour & baking powder and mix together.
  3. Bake for 20-25 (22) minutes, until a skewered inserted in the centre comes out clean. Cool on racks before icing.


  1. Add the icing sugar (& cocoa) to the margarine in increasing amounts each time. When it starts to stifen up, add the milk or water to help make mixing it easier.


  • Victoria sponge – Coat the underside of the top layer with jam (strawberry or raspberry). Ice the top side of the bottom layer and then turn the top layer onto the top so the jam has been sandwiched. Ice the top of the top layer.
  • Chocolate sponge – Coat the top of both sponges with the icing & put one of top of the other.”


Submmited by Steph Foulds


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