About Us

We’re a new society at UWE based entirely around food. We’ve pulled together a committee that love to cook and are extremely excited by the idea of sharing this with other students. So, whether you’re interested in cooking, eating, writing, photography, reviews, baking, growing food or the environmental and sustainable aspects of food…come & join us.

If you want to get involved, then join us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/331747020282062/
or leave us a comment below.

Still in the early stages of planning, but some plans we have already include:
– Fortnightly Meetings
– Visiting Food Festivals
– Cooking Demo’s and Tips and Tricks
– Aid with UWESU Cooking pages
– Society Recipe Book
– Sharing of your own student friendly recipes
– Attending Food Tasting events
– Visiting Restaurants (& hopefully obtaining discounts!)
– Come Dine With Me events
– Cooking Competitions
– Dessert Days
– Themed Nights, sharing food we’ve all cooked at home
– Food & Drink pairings with UWE Bar School (e.g cheese & wine!)


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